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Tezos Developer Portal

Resources for Developers

Getting Started


Hello World

Exercise the steps to get up and running with live code on the Tezos test network


Write a Smart Contract

Learn how to author smart contracts in your choice of syntax. Code will compile to Michelson, the smart contract language of the Tezos blockchain.


Use a Library

Use a library to integrate Tezos with your application.


Explore the Blockchain

Use a block explorer to explore the blockchain.




  • B9 Labs: Tezos Blockstars

    B9 Labs / Tezos Blockstars is an end-to-end program supported by experienced tutors at B9lab and designed to provide developers with the knowledge and skills needed to become industry-leading Tezos developers.

  • Tezos Capstone

    Tezos Capstone is a self-paced online curriculum covering everything from an introduction to blockchain to building on Tezos and creating your own dApp!